We provide working capital when businesses need it.

Whether you need capital to support marketing, growth and expansion, staffing/payroll, equipment, or a sudden emergency, we will be there every step of the way to support your success. Our goal is simple: invest in entrepreneurs and watch them grow their own companies. We are here to enable you to succeed in all of your endeavors!

The LCF Group specializes in new and innovative models of risk management and utilizes daily sales data from thousands of businesses to create customized funding programs for your business. Our services are designed to keep business owners moving at the speed of their business with understandable and transparent financing costs and terms.

Once you are a part of our business family, we will ensure that you will consistently receive the capital that you require. Your business financial consultant will always be there to assist you in the future and ensure that more capital will be made available to you!

With an expert team of United States based business financial consultants, we are available to answer any questions and confidently guide you to the right funding option for your business! 

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